Early April 2014

This is exactly why I stopped posting on a daily basis.


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This is also why I love the privacy of Cellercising.

Even if the pearls I have to cast are just the self-protecting layers put on over years of

mental, physical, verbal, emotional, spiritual, sexual and psychological abuse,

they won’t be cast before know-nothing, assume-everything judgmental swine.


March 2014

I have been back on the Cellerciser for a little while now. I started up again sometime this month, though I can’t remember the exact date. I returned because I missed the energy it used to give me. I returned because of incredible stressors I am encountering right now – I have no other outlet, really, and that “fight or flight” energy needed to go somewhere. I find that Cellercising dissipates or at least makes manageable the helpless, frustrated feelings of “wanting to crawl the wall” and DO SOMETHING about situations over which you have no control. It also keeps depression at bay.

I have thrown all the rules out the window and just make myself stay on the Cellerciser for 30 minutes every day. It doesn’t matter when, it doesn’t matter how, and it doesn’t matter what I do. I just stay there, at least health-bouncing, a half hour. Some days I am full of energy and some days, it is hard to just keep moving… but I do.

Lots of changes will hit our family this coming June, so I have 2 months. I might not be the perfect weight or health in 2 months, but I will be better off then than I am now. I will be more able to face the onslaught, as well. So that is my “baby step” back on the wagon.

I am holding off using MRI Minerals at this time. I don’t think my body is healthy enough for them yet, and I think their premature use triggered a serious personal health crisis involving my kidneys last year, one whose effects I am still struggling to overcome.  If not for a master herbalist of my acquaintance, things would have gotten much worse, perhaps even fatal. Instead of running endless labs and throwing pharmaceuticals at me like the rest of them, the herbalist fed my body what it needed to fight what was wrong and stop the most serious symptoms.

I have also discovered that having daily, weekly, public accountability via the Internet is not for me. I hope it suffices to state that the last 3 months have been among the most challenging of my life, and when I look ahead, all I see are more “rapids” for me and for my family.  I prefer to keep the majority of my thoughts and feelings to myself right now.

However, I will post updates of accomplishments and milestones as I reach them.


Accomplishment 1: I have returned to cellercising. For some reason, I have always known that this device would work for me, if I just do my part.  Please note that my actions this month were chosen entirely on my own and have nothing to do with the original 2013 Cell It Up promotion. In fact, I have not heard from David Hall or the company for a while now.

Accomplishment 2: The weight I lost last autumn from Cellercising has stayed off. I have stayed within 2 lbs of the weight I stopped at,  an incredible feat for someone hypothyroid like me, especially through all the holiday feasting and sedentary indoor living of the winter months.

Accomplishment 3:  The mere fact that I am willing to tell the world about any of this again.  Personally, I feel that I owe this to David – who has been nothing but good to me – and to other seekers like myself.

If you are the praying kind, please pray for me and my family.



Nov 6-Nov 23, 2013


Entering “crunch time” at school and still dealing with health issues. Cellercising has become somewhat erratic. Weight lost has remained gone.


No dairy. No refined sugars. Juicing veggies for breakfast on good mornings. Trying to eat whole grains, healthy meats, veggies. Ran out of ionic minerals. Still taking herbal supplements, but they have nearly run out as well.


Last week: first experience with Mayan Abdominal Massage. Feel quite different between the naval and knees. Body is also acting different. In a very high stress situation right now between school and rebellious teen. 😦 Hoping to successfully make it to the end of term and be able to enjoy the holidays without school worries.

Oct 25 – Nov 5, 2013


Okay… so… I have been jumping at least 3 days a week for at least 15 minutes, and need to get back into the daily habit. If I could offer a halfway acceptable excuse, it would be that I have been working on the scariest, most monster project of my life for my COMM 114 class: a powerpoint to be presented to individuals who could be hostile. Yeah. Fun.  So now that I have gotten most of the research and presentation finished, I have only to present it first to my classmates and then, for real, to such an audience. It is a bit petrifying. My husband keeps kindly encouraging me to get on the Cellerciser. He says there is a NOTICEABLE difference in my stress levels when I do and when I do not bounce. I know he is right, and so… I try.


Dairy is still bye-bye, and I usually steer clear of sugar and anything fruit.  The hardest place to resist is when I am with company. I gave in to half a can of pop and a piece of pie last Friday while my husband just looked at me with shocked, disappointed eyes. Yeah… I know… not a wise choice to give into the inner voices of dying parasites and candida screaming for just that very thing in order to stay alive. I have found that I battle with huge cravings for sweets – anything sweet. The dairy temptation is still there as well, but I know if I give into dairy, the sugar resistance will just topple too. Curiously, I am also craving protein, which I have never done. In fact, I was often bawled out by my midwives for not eating enough of it.  I need to order more of the ionic minerals and I have been wanting to add a green drink to my morning, as well.  My sweet husband has even started growing wheatgrass for me again, so there will be wheataritas in my near future.

I am still working with the herbalist and hope to work with a practitioner of Mayan Abdominal massage soon.


I have been kind of shy about posting another video, but for some reason I felt ready to make one today. So here it is:


October 5 – October 24, 2013


I have cellercised 10-15 minutes most days this month.


I have continued to avoid dairy, refined foods and all sweets except an occasional piece of fruit.  Every so often I get a stark-raving-mad craving for a sweet, cheese-encrusted carb, but if I resist, it goes away.  I am finding the taste of vegetables is getting sweeter.  I usually eat more meat in the cooler months, so am enjoying that… especially the wild game a kind friend has been giving me.


Apologies for not keeping up on this blog, and not posting an updated video yet.  I have returned to school and have a very heavy courseload.  I am also working on completing two other outside certifications, as well as my duties and responsibilities for a leadership position at church.  With my family still being my top priority, any extra time has gone to them instead of to this blog.

I am continuing to work with the herbalist and feel that good results are slowly beginning to appear.  My weight has not gone above 250 for a few weeks now, so it looks like the weight I have lost with the cellerciser will remain off if I remain diligent.  I have not seen below the 250 mark for YEARS, so it was a real joy to see the scale mark 248 first thing in the morning the other day. Wow!

I enjoy going thrift shopping, and was thrilled to get back into 2x clothes, because when I began cellercising I was approaching 4x.  Normal chairs in airplanes, trains and movie theaters were getting uncomfortable because they were too small… and I could see myself having to be stuck in mumus for the rest of my life.  It is empowering and a real source of joy to be reclaiming what was lost and building what was never there.  My thanks go out again to David Hall and my cellerciser family.

October 1-4, 2013

MON OCT 1 – 15 minutes, PM. Feeling tired today, probably from not getting enough sleep. More health bouncing than usual, but I did my best.

TUE OCT 2 – 15 minutes,  AM. Did the routine.

WED OCT 3 – 15 minutes, early AM. Did the routine ok.

THU Oct 4 – 15 minutes, early AM. Did the routine. Must be starting to bounce a bit high because the mat touched the floor a few times, so I had to tone it down.

DIET: Noticed I do not feel as well when eating grains right now. In fact the only foods that don’t bother me are vegetables and meat.  Probably need to juice more and it’s a poor excuse that cleaning the Greenstar keeps me from juicing as much as I should.  Trying to do what my herbalist recommended and because of my parasite load, to avoid what he called cheap meat (poor-quality stuff like lunchmeat, hot dogs, non-organic… most of what you can get at the store).  But…I was out of town Wednesday and was in a tiny little town.  So I ate Chinese rather than fast food. The veggie/steak/mushroom/ginger dish tasted best, and that restaurant made the biggest eggroll I have ever seen. It resembled a burrito! Will have to be good over the next couple of days because the family is back on a pasta kick, and that is like pinata paste for my gut.

I started cellercising with two “spare tires” on my abdomen.  I noticed this week that they are morphing together, into a sort of “uni-roll”.  Thighs look nicer and calves are also starting to feel the burn of jamba running now.  I am also losing my rear end (bye, bye butt!) This only came to my attention because I realized on Monday that I was cellercising in my jeans instead of the loose culottes I usually wear. I can put three fingers width inside my waistband, and they are still not tight.  So David was right again – that looking for inch loss instead of pound loss is the thing to do. My wacky bathroom scales have me anywhere between 250 and 260 depending on the time of day, so I have stopped paying attention to them and started paying attention to how I feel and how my clothes fit. I am very pleased, which gives me the motivation to just keep going.

My sister reports she has also been experiencing some physical changes, only hers involve her skeletal structure.  Her chiropractor was able to put her jaw back in place (it has never been aligned) and after she sneezed violently one day at work, he adjusted her spine and put three ribs back in place.  She is also losing her behind… what is it with Hawaiian bodies? We’ve got to lose our butt before we lose our gut? 🙂

One of my friends – the one who has been inspiring me by losing so much weight – is seriously considering buying her own Cellerciser. Hope she does.  Go, Debby, go!  I help thee and thee help me… we’re going to have to go party somewhere when this is all over.

So, with all of this news, I feel like strutting a little.  Here you go world! Cause it’s my temple, and it’s getting good!  I am I am!

Thu Sep 26 – Mon Sep 30


THU 26 – 15 minutes, AM:

FRI 27 – 15 minutes, PM:

SAT 28 – 15 minutes, AM:

SUN 29 – none

MON 30 – 16 minutes, AM: pretty tired, lower-energy health bouncing, jamba run, bouncing and jogging


No dairy, no fruit juice, low grain, low fruit, some meat, high veggie (cooked & raw), herbal supplements


Saw this on a friend’s FB feed, and while it’s not this dramatic, it is true that at first, cellercising takes a bit of getting used to. 🙂 But seriously, since cellercising is so good for the lymph system, and there are so many lymph glands in and around the breast tissue, I say, Fly! Be Free! You’ll get used to it, the firming results are very nice, and the anti-cancer health benefits are worth every free-falling flop!

Au natural

“Here’s an idea worth pondering. Cheryl Chapman is a nurse, massage therapist and author of The Happy Breast Book, who suggests that all women, especially pregnant and nursing mothers, move their breasts at least twice a day. She believes that this has many benefits, including improved lymph drainage to remove toxins and improve the immune system, reduce breast tenderness during pregnancy, and improve a woman’s awareness of changes in her breasts.” – The Womanly Art of Breastfeeding, 8th edition, p. 22.

Thursday, September 19 – Wednesday, September 25 2013

THU SEP 19 – 10 minutes: mostly health bounce

FRI SEP 20 – 10 minutes: mostly health bounce

SAT SEP 21 – 10 minutes: health bounce, strong bounce PLUS two long 45-minute walks pulling a kid in a wagon part of the way.

SUN SEP 22 – 15 minutes: health bounce, jamba run, twist, strong bounce

MON SEP 23 – 15 minutes: health bounce, jamba run, twist, strong bounce PLUS two long 30-minute walks.

TUES SEP 24 – 15 minutes: health bounce, jamba run, strong bounce

WED SEP 25 – 15 minutes: health bounce, jamba run, twist, strong bounce


Continues to be dairy free.  As of Friday, September 20th, any and all sweeteners have been avoided, and I am eating very little fruit as well.  I have returned to taking the ionic minerals (they were deemed safe by my herbalist), and am on an herbal regime to cleanse, feed and renew my body. My diet is now mostly raw and cooked vegetables, with grain and/or meat added for variety; I am also juicing leafy greens (usually like these for breakfast or dinner, with the main solid meal being lunch).


Feeling much, much better after having gone to see my alternative health practitioner. As a certified Family Herbalist myself, I am a proponent of herbal medicine. Specifically, those skills and beliefs taught and utilized by the late great Dr. John R. Christopher.  His son carries on his legacy by teaching others to become herbalists at the School of Natural Healing.  In addition, Dr. Christopher’s other protogees, like Dr. Richard Schulze (herbdoc.com) continue to be the trailblazers of herbal truth. I knew something was wrong, and I knew the allopaths would not be able to give me the help I need, so I went to my Master Herbalist friend. In my mind, I know this way is true and right for me.  For years though, the problem has been that I have not been diligent to all  the instructions and admonitions given, and I have struggled financially to pay for the kind of pure and living diet and supplements needed.  This time, however, with all the bleeding, it literally felt like a matter of life or death.  I recently turned 40, and really do not want this to be the halfway or 2/3rds point in my life… nor do I want whatever life remaining to me to be spent in as much sadness and misery as I have already experienced.

The Candida Albicans which I have struggled with for many years has now grown so aggressive and become so entrenched that my small intestines are severely compromised.  High counts of parasites were found in many different organs. In turn, my immune system was weak and hormones were out of whack; wouldn’t yours be too, if it had been fighting a 20-Year’s War with two aggressive internal invaders and all of the daily external ones?

I am being very religious about following his instructions because the alternative to continuing down the other path has scared a greater amount of desire and diligence into my heart.  I noticed immediate results within 24 hours and things have continued to improve. There has been a general cessation of all the bleeding; the return of normal urinary and bowel function; a soaring increase in energy; a greater clearness of thinking; negativity, irritability and just general growly-crabbyness gone (this is caused by the parasites); a natural suppression of appetite; better sleep. I carry with me two “spare tires” and it has been a weird phenomenon that the upper tire usually sticks out more and is harder to the touch than the lower, larger spare-tire.  Since beginning this herbal treatment, and for the first time in… decades?… the upper tire has shrunk to smaller than the lower tire AND it is soft and mushy to the touch.  Wow. Obviously, it has all been very heartening.

My Master Herbalist was very pleased that I was using the Cellerciser, that I already knew of all it’s positive effects and told me to continue, especially right now, because with all this cleansing going on, the lymph system needed the primary support cellercising gives.

I have also returned to other good spiritual habits that had been neglected, and I feel the grace of God helping and strengthening me to do all that is required of me in my many roles and duties.

It has been kind of funny that using all these tinctures has compelled me to be a missionary, of sorts, as others look on with curiosity.  The funniest moment was this past weekend, when I was at the temple, taking my medicine in the washroom.  Another woman was self-administering, for another problem. We both would have preferred to have access to boiling water – she needed it for a salt-water rinse, and I wanted it for dissipation of the alcohol in the tinctures.  We both laughed together when I suggested that next time I should bring a hotplate and we could cook in there.  🙂  Anyway, I  will probably be making another video soon on my Cellseei channel on YouTube, so watch for it. Until next time then… Auf Wiederseh’n.